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If we can change our mindset, then we can change our world!

BookSurge proudly announces the publication of A Human Life
by Munish Bansal 

GILLINGHAM, ENGLAND - BookSurge announces the publication of A Human Life: "Dream or Reality" by Munish Bansal. 

Can we stop wars and world hunger? Can we change the world? Perhaps we can, says author Munish Bansal, if we can also change our minds and see things with a fresh perspective. For four years, Bansal has chatted with thousands of people online and in emails in his quest to increase worldwide understanding, reduce suffering and empower humanity, and now hes written a book to spread his message of hope and love, A Human Life: Dream or Reality

Why are we here? How can we make our lives better? How can we end wars and ensure that every person on the planet has enough to eat, a place to live, and decent health care? Before we can solve these issues, we have to truly understand the problemsand understand one another. Through fables, conversations, personal anecdotes, emails and chat transcripts, Bansal shows us how often the way to reach and empower another person is simply through talk. The book is filled with illuminating examples: A conversation Bansal has with a Muslim from Pakistan leads to a deeper understanding of their common humanity, and a brief psychological test shows you how humanand humane you really are.

Part of Bansals mission is to start a charity project to effect worldwide change, including a film and more books, with all proceeds going to fund hospitals, schools and other goodwill activities. Empowering and inspiring, A Human Life could change your lifeand the lives of everyone on the planet.

Author bio:
Born in India, Munish Bansal is an accounts assistant who has lived for the past eleven years in Gillingham, England.

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