After reading a few sections, the first question comes in: why a Film?

These days over 80% of the population follow films. People make films to make profits; why donít we make movie for personal satisfaction and for social work. Naturally we are also looking for profit, but instead of that profit going in pockets, will build further hospitals etc. Even while making this film, spending money on sets, we will build the real thing. While building the first Hospital, school, work place etc, we can make this film. This film will take this message across the world and hopefully will open the close minds. This mission is not related to any religion or one place, as help will go everywhere where needed. I wrote this film idea because fighting over religions is not an answer. Itís just a misunderstanding, which could also be corrected.

After making this film, it can be translated in every language. I am sure we will achieve some profit from the film, and we will promote this in every corner and hope to get more contributions. This all will be used for to build more places. This way a circle will start.†

At the moment I am no position to say we will succeed, but I have no doubt at all. We will succeed or shall I say we have to succeed to save humanity.

Do you know millions of people cannot bring their opinions, their knowledge forward because of lack of resources? If we can provide the resources to them, I am sure we can make a big difference very soon.

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