Do we have answers to these questions?

Why, What and Who:
Who are we?
Why were we born?
What are we doing?
What is this life about?
Why are we living? For whom we are living? Are we doing the right thing by living?
What we should be doing, as we are living now?
What is the reason behind this life?
Why do we die?
Why are we fighting?
Why people fight in the name of religion?
Why donít we look the same as each other?
Why aren't we on the same level?
We are born, live and see others die, but the world keeps moving. Does it make any sense?
What is space? What is in outer space?
Why are there other planets?

Can we make this world a nice place?
Can we make everyone happy?

I believe there is a reason behind our life and our existence. I am not sure, but we should do something important so that we can feel proud of our life. What's happening at the moment? We work all of our lives and save for our children and for our old age, but people say death is the only truth in life. We even donít know if this world exists after our death. Why donít we make this life useful by helping each other, and make this world a better place to live?

My aim is to see a smile on every face. My mission is to build hospitals, schools, work places, houses etc., so we can reduce suffering as much as we can. Hopefully, by providing these resources, no one will die because they did not have enough money to afford medical treatment, and no one will go to sleep hungry, and everyone will have access to education. I believe we could do that much or at least we can try! I do not think there is anything to lose, do you?

My wish is to start a charity project, which will bring a change worldwide, but I need your support. Please see My AIM. I would appreciate any support.

Thank you.

Kind Regards
Munish Bansal

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