My first step is to make a film, the basic script is:

NAI KRANTI (New Beginning)
(We can make sense of life)

This story is based on the religious fight between Hindus and Muslims. This is not a true story, but we can make it true, or, shall I say, this is a true story, but has not really happened yet. In this story, our hero tries to sort out various situations.nbsp;

The movie starts with an old man (our hero Sanjay) living with his family. He is sitting on an adult swing. His adult children are doing their jobs here and there, decorating, etc., and his grandchildren are playing in the park. It is the celebration of Sanjay’s birthday. 

Sanjay starts walking. Close to his home, there is a graveyard, where he stops in front of a grave and starts talking to the grave about his past. The grave is that of Sanjay’s friend, Sameer. 

The past (like a flashback) starts when Sanjay and Sameer were young, about 18 to 22, and playing cricket (or another game). Sanjay belongs to a Hindu family and is the only child of his parents, and Sameer is from a Muslim family, but they are best friends. Sanjay’s friends are mixed; some are Hindu, some are Muslim and some are Singh. 

Sanjay does not believe in God, but he always tries to grab good things. He reads all the religious books, i.e. Ramayana, Bhagavad-Gita, Koran, Granth and Bible, etc. He is a serious boy, but doesn’t mind jokes. He believes in himself. 

He goes to another town or overseas to continue his studies. He meets a girl there, who becomes his girlfriend. At one time, Sameer goes to see Sanjay and falls in love with one of Sanjay’s juniors. 

While Sanjay was away, the Ayodhya incident happens: Hindus destroy the Muslim Mosque; Hindus and Muslims fight each other. Hundreds of people die. Some Muslims burn Sanjay’s home as well, but luckily, his parents survived. 

Now, Hindus are saying, “We want to build the Ram temple there,” which creates more trouble in the region. When Sanjay receives a telegram from his parents, which tells him about the problem, he comes back home. 

The real story starts here: Sanjay wants to reunite the Muslims and Hindus. When he arrives home, he has a small fight with Sameer about religion. Sanjay starts bleeding, and tells Sameer to hit him again until he is satisfied. Sanjay tells Sameer about the Koran and other books, and explains that Allah or Ram does not want blood; if God is real and he is up there, then he wants only peace." 

”What’s the meaning of life if we can’t stay happy and make others happy? No religions say to kill each other. If we don’t try to stop this, then who will? Some Hindus made a big mistake by destroying a mosque; does it mean all Hindu’s are bad? Similarly, a long time ago when some Muslims buried Guru Govind Singh’s sons, because they wouldn’t convert to their religion and also killed many who wouldn’t become Muslim, does it mean all Muslims are bad? How you could think that way? Buildings can be rebuilt, but life can’t be rebuilt once it is destroyed. Think about them: someone’s son died, someone’s father died—can somebody fill the gap they left? NO—nobody can.”" 

Sanjay shows Sameer how to fix a stone on the wall.
”You can fix the wall again, but a broken leaf from a tree, nobody can fix that,” Sanjay says to him. “We can’t really smile until this whole world is happy. Everybody should have a roof, nobody should sleep hungry, and everyone should learn and get educated and help to improve this world further.”" 

Sameer understands what Sanjay is saying. He apologizes and asks what they can do further. Then Sanjay explains that they can get together and prevent others from killing each other.
“We will ask for help from the government and big companies, if they’ll give it to us.”" 

Sanjay and Sameer’s girlfriends join them and some other friends also get together with them. Sanjay and Sameer speak at rallies and ask people to give them a chance to make change; if they don’t like it, then they can continue what they were doing before. People started listening to Sanjay and Sameer." 

They say at a rally, “If we build another temple or mosque at the same place in Ayodhya, really nobody will get the benefit and dispute will always stay. We’ll just have a bigger temple or a bigger mosque; there would be a bigger queue of beggars as well. This fight will never stop. You say that you believe in the God, then why build a mosque or temple? Do you think you will find God more in this place than other places? If that is the case, then you should fight for this place, but if you believe God is present everywhere and there is only one God, then what is the reason of fighting? What is the difference between, Allah, God or Ram. These are just different names you are using to call that power. Why don’t we get together and build a hospital, a school, and a small factory instead, where people can earn a living? A factory will give people revenue, and a school will help children get an education and a hospital will provide medical treatment to those who cannot afford it. Even if people want, they can also build one extra hall in the hospital for prayers without any photos or religious signs, so anyone of any religion could pray. Everybody will benefit from these places. In this way, a circle will start. If this factory makes extra revenues, we could build another hospital, school or whatever we need. Why are people staying in huts when we can build nice houses so that people will have a proper place to live, proper food to eat, access to education, and medical treatment? Why do you waste time on fighting these matters when you could be a help to someone? Ram says the same thing that Allah says, as both are the same! A politician makes money and gets votes, regardless of whether we fight or die. So, we should follow what we think is right instead of following someone and making wrong decisions for us.”" 

People listen to Sameer and Sanjay very carefully, and then start start talking amongst themselves. They think what Sanjay and Sameer are saying is correct. Hindus and Muslims get together and start building a nice hospital, a school, and a factory. Architects, civil engineers, and other contractors provide free services, along with other people. Everyone is excited. Now, whoever has free time, they contribute that towards helping to build. The government gives its full support. A few big companies also join in to sponsor this project and also further projects. With the help of the media, donations start coming even from overseas. Everybody is happy and trying to put in all the effort they can. Slowly, they make good revenue from the factory, and the government declares that if the community uses this money to build the hospitals, schools, and factories in other places, there won’t be any taxes, instead the government will support the effort and also contribute with finances and land. 

Near the end of this film, everyone is happy and helping each other. Every ten miles, there is a hospital, a school, and a factory in a group, and anyone is eligible to join them. Children study during the day, and also could work two hours in the evening and enjoy themselves. The adults have nice jobs, and feel internally satisfied, because they are helping others.

Suddenly Sanjay hears someone calling him; it is his daughter, and he comes back to the present. He smiles at his daughter and starts walking with her.


I believe this film can be made with the government’s help. Hopefully, they will be able to provide land for the buildings and also won’t charge taxes on it either. But, how many government members would agree to do such things, we cannot predict.

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